Welcome to Dance Arts in Mahogany

Welcome to Dance Arts in Mahogany

Dedicated, Friendly & Professional studio sharing our love of dance with children of all ages & commitment levels.
Dance is our Passion.

Our Mission

Dance Arts has been trusted by families for many years to educate and inspire children in the arts. In our studio, our mission is to give dancers the skills required to strive for excellence & enjoy the journey along the way! Dance Arts promotes dedication, discipline, self-confidence, self-respect, being a team player and so much more.

We provide quality dance instruction through caring, professional instructors in a friendly, family-oriented & professional atmosphere. As our dancers grow, we help them develop the skills and traits they need to succeed in dance, at school, and throughout their lives.

It’s more than just dance …

The Difference

The Difference

The Reviews are In!

Tara Luciani
September 2022

Our 4 year old daughter has been going to the studio for over a year now, and she absolutely loves it. The owners and staff were all very patient and attentive as she was a bit shy and nervous at the start. Now she walks in the studio without hesitation- and loves every second she’s there.

Melissa Brown
September 2022

Absolutely LOVE this studio. My daughter attended Mahogany Dance a few years back and then just recently asked to sign up again along with my younger daughter who is very shy. Diana, Gillian and their team go the extra mile to make the kids feel welcome and to prepare us as parents as well. They are great communicators and even take the time to make videos so the kids meet their teacher before they arrive. Most of all the kids have so much fun!!! Highly recommend this studio.

Rhonda Temple
June 2022

My daughter has been going to Mahogany Dance Arts since she was 2 years old, starting with sessional programs and then moving onto full year programs for the past two years. She has loved every class she has taken! The teachers and studio directors are wonderful, kind and so talented. My son took a full year hip hop class this year as well and he really enjoyed it. The year end showcase that MDA puts on is fantastic! Every interaction we've had with MDA has been a positive one and we will definitely be continuing with this studio for as long as my kids want to dance!

Nicole Sidhu
June 2022

My daughter has been going since Disney Princess ballet and she continues to love it each year! The teachers are amazing and the whole team is very responsive and helpful, always. The year end showcase is so professionally produced and we loved it!

Melissa Lake
June 2022

My daughter has been going to Mahogany Dance Art for two years and enjoys every second of it. She has made some great friends and comes home with a smile on her face every week. Mrs Sadie has been amazing and has been someone she looks forward to seeing. Mahogany Dance has been so helpful in getting my daughter out of her shell and they were eager to help when she was feeling shy. Now she can't wait to sign up for the next round.

Sarah Cook
June 2022

We are fairly new to MDA and previously from a small town and had no idea what to expect, we have been wowed for sure. The year end performance was excellent, it was very professional, all the children were great and we could tell how much effort the staff and assistants put in to the routines and teaching the kids. Our daughter is looking forward to next year and has signed up for 2 classes.

S. Lailey
June 2022

The checklist of what is important to me in a dance studio was all found at MDA. An experienced staff ensuring that proper technique is learned from a young age, a friendly and nurturing environment to grow and learn in, and a value placed on life balance. The perfect fit for my family! Thank you MDA!!

Denita Nickel
February 2022

We have been with MDA since they opened. It is a wonderful studio focused on their dancers having fun and learning to dance, not on every dancer being a competitive dancer. We love being part of the MDA family. Thanks for everything Diana, Gillian and all the wonderful staff.

Maria Costec
February 2022

My 18 month old Rory had so much fun! Started off so rough, she had so much separation anxiety even with me there but the instructor was so sweet and patient and every week got better! The last two classes she didn’t want to leave! 🥰 we will be back for this level again in the spring!

Melissa Maslak
February 2022

My daughter has been going to Mahogany Dance Arts for 2.5 years and she absolutely loves it. The family atmosphere there is so special. The dance teachers that she has had over the years are so patient and friendly. We plan on many more years with the MDA family!

Amanda Moore
December 2021

I haven’t even gone to a class yet but have already had a great experience speaking with the MDA admin. I have complete confidence once we begin classes we’ll love it!

Leasa Chow
November 2021

My granddaughter dances here. She absolutely loves it. She gets so excited on Saturday’s to go to dance and see Miss.Emily.

Heather Perley
November 2021

Our daughter has been dancing at Mahogany Dance Arts since she was 12 months old! She was quite shy when it came to the un-parented classes and Ms. Diana worked so hard with her and was so gentle, patient, and kind. It took her a long time to be able to do an un-parented class without tears, but Ms. Diana was by her side every class cheering her on, picking up the tears when they fell and helping her gain the independence to complete a session successfully. She now is enrolled in the full year programs and counts down the days until ballet! I can’t say enough good things about the studio, instructors, organization, programs, and directors. It is an amazing studio and really allows the dancers to follow their passion and develop a real love for dance & performing. I highly recommend this studio!

Kelly MacQuarrie
October 2021

My son does hip hop there. We love it. It's been a great experience and he keeps asking to go back. They have a full year program, or sessional programs. Highly recommend.

Sarah Hatton
July 2021

Staff are incredible, friendly and talented!

dallas roche
June 2020

MDA offers a warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere for all dance families. Our dancer loves her classes, and has grown leaps in skill and confidence under her professional instruction. We highly recommend this studio to anyone that has a child interested in dance.

June 2020

We have finished our second year of dance at MDA and are already registered for next year. My dancer has learned so many new skills along the way, has made lifelong friends, and truly feels like they are part of the dance studio and dance community. The instructors are all so welcoming and truly make dance fun for my dancer while learning new skills. The studio is well organized, has clear communication, amazing team events, and they make sure to give back to the community. They are simply amazing!

Sara Jimenez
June 2020

My daughter loves Mahogany Dance Arts and all of her teachers there. Going to dance class is a weekly highlight for her. As a parent I love the positive and encouraging environment for my little dancer. 🙂

Michelle M
September 2019

Classes are great, the teachers are fun and encourgaging and the studio has a welcoming vibe.

Carrie Dancey
July 2018

The instructors at MDA are wonderful. My little dancer grew in skill and in confidence under the direction of the teachers here! Highly recommend!

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