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Pre-School programs:

It seems like just yesterday that your baby took their first steps, could they possibly be ready for a Pre-School dance class? Absolutely!

Dance classes provide a wonderful means of self-expression. Young children are drawn to music, and from an early age, they will begin dancing when they hear it. While the physical benefits of dance are well known, dance also brings social and emotional benefits. Children learn social skills and build self-esteem along the way from being involved in dance experiences.

We have an extensive Pre-School program to suit the many young families in the area are excited to see your child join in on the fun!! Our Pre-School class is taught by qualified, experienced, energetic and fun instructors.

Recreational programs:

Our recreational program offers something for everyone. Children are not pressured to competitively perform and they learn the fundamentals of dance with other children in a more relaxed atmosphere. Still focusing on technique, positive self-image & freedom of expression, learning is enhanced when children enjoy the classes and have fun first.

Competitive programs:

Our competitive programs are for the more serious dance student. This program calls for additional training & hours at the studio. Competitive programs teach dancers dedication to their art, time management skills, accountability, goal setting & positive team building. Dancers are given the opportunity to perform numerous times within the year for a credited panel of judges & receive constructive feedback to help further their dance training. Examinations are encouraged when working within this program.

Whichever program you chose, you & your dancer will be comfortable in our nurturing environment.

Community Involvement:

Giving back is important for the development of our children, our neighbors, and the entire community. Mahogany Dance Arts is pleased to raise funds through activities throughout the year as well as a raffle at our Year-End Showcase in which 100% of the proceeds go towards sponsoring a child through YMCA send a kid to camp programs. 

Year-End Showcase:

As dance is a performing art form, Mahogany Dance Arts feels it is important to provide ALL dance students with the opportunity for a public performance. All students will participate in a year-end dance Showcase to be held at a local theatre in May.  This is a celebration of dance & all your child has learned through out the year.  We look forward to you joining us!

Travel Opportunities:

Travel opportunities vary from year to year & may include:
  • Dancing aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
  • Performing in Disneyland Parks, California
  • The Rockette experience, New York
  • Training opportunities in Vancouver, LA, New York
  • Competition travel opportunities
  • Convention travel opportunities


At Mahogany Dance Arts we are happy to offer exams in accordance with:

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
  • ADAPT Syllabus
  • Acrobatic Arts

Our teachers are certified to enter dancers in these examinations. Dance exams are optional but are encouraged to develop greater understanding and attention to detail. Exams also encourage the dancers to set goals and perform at their personal best.

Royal Academy of Dance logo
Adapt Syllabus logo
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Click here for more information on why examinations are important for your dancers training & progress

Convention Experience:

When ready, dancers will be given the opportunity to participate in a Dance Convention held locally here in Calgary. Conventions expose the dancers to new styles of dance and choreography taught by some of the industries leaders. The Convention experience is very different from the classroom experience & exposes the children to a different platform of dance. Conventions focus on combos, picking up choreography quickly, free style, performance quality, audition process & so much more. It is a fantastic weekend of learning & fun!

Private Lessons:

We offer private lessons for individuals of ALL dancing levels who are eager to learn & improve their dancing skill sin a one-on-one teaching environment. This is the best way to become the dancer you want to be as quickly as possible. We tailor each lesson to the the individual student.

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