5 Reasons Virtual Dance Classes Are Worth It

Did you ever expect your living room would be turned into a dance studio?

Probably not, but virtual dance classes are part of our current reality. While in-person classes aren’t possible, virtual dance classes are an excellent alternative to face-to-face training.

Dance classes – in any form – are about more than learning technique; they offer physical fitness, social stimulation, and more.

Here are five key reasons to keep up your dancer engaged in online lessons.

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1. Social Connection

Social connection is critical to our kids’ wellbeing. It can help them regulate their emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and even improve our immune systems – all of which are significant benefits anytime, but especially now when we’re trying our hardest to stay healthy. Relationships with friends and dance teachers also provide positive conversation and interaction during stressful or lonely times. Virtual social experiences can lead to happier and more fulfilled kids, despite our distance from one another.

1. Staying Physically Active

Children aged 5 and up are recommended a minimum of one hour of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily. Especially during the winter months, it’s hard to accumulate this time with outdoor activities only, making virtual fitness options, such as dance, an excellent choice. Physical activity has benefits at every age and stage of development and helps kids keep their heart and lungs strong, become more flexible, develop strong bones, keep a healthy body weight, improve their mood, and even perform better in school.

3. An Activity to Look Forward To

The calendar on your fridge door probably looks a lot emptier that you’re used to, no hockey practice, swimming lessons, or birthday parties. But keeping a regular commitment to dance gives your child something to look forward to each week. Knowing that every Monday it’s time to put on your bodysuit and ballet shoes provides a sense of normalcy, and dancers will look forward to building upon the skills and routines they were excited about since they left off last week.

4. Teaches discipline and focus

Committing to virtual dance classes gives your child a sense of responsibility for keep showing up to the online classroom and making an effort, week after week. In the same way as they used to help pack their dance bag, get their hair done, and get into the car on time to make it to the studio, they must still organize their supplies, help clean up their dance space, and make sure to be logged in when class starts. A dancer’s work ethic is part of what gives dance lessons a timeless appeal to parents everywhere.

5. Makes transitioning back to in-person classes easier

When the world regains some sense of normalcy, having participated in virtual dance classes throughout the lockdowns and regulations will mean that your child won’t skip a beat when it’s time to come together in person again. Students can jump right in to learning performance routines or growing their technical skills, and their physical stamina will be able to match their ambitions too.

Virtual dance training is an ideal opportunity for your child to continue learning, growing, and having fun while away from the physical studio environment. Mahogany Dance Arts is proud to offer multiple online opportunities for dancers ages 3 and up.

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