Unique Benefits of Dance Competitions During A Pandemic

You might be surprised to learn that Dance Competitions are going ahead in our current pandemic environment. But Competition hosts and studio owners have gotten very creative to develop safe and fun opportunities for dancers to hit the “stage” while still adhering to local health restrictions and minimizing COVID transmission risks.

Here are six unexpected benefits to unique Dance Competitions during a pandemic:

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1 ) Video Submissions Lower NervesFor Engagement

Some Competitions are going forward completely virtually, with studios submitting pre-recorded video routines for adjudication. These videos may be recorded in your own studio setting, which means no chance for “stage fright” of performing in front of an audience or in an unfamiliar space. It also allows for chances to re-record the performance in case of major issues like falling or forgetting your choreography and allowing your dancer to perform to their VERY best!

2) Global Access

For Competitions offering virtual adjudication, your dancer can be watched and evaluated by Dance professionals from across the globe as well as family members in other cities too! And because Competition hosts will save on travel and hotel fees, they can invest in hiring top-tier teachers and working Dance professionals to review video entries.

3) The Safety of Your Cohort

Some Competitions are offering a “cohort model” where only your studio or small class group accesses the local venue at any given time. This provides a safe opportunity to perform live, while removing risks of interacting with other Dancers and families from outside your own studio and class cohort.

4) Something to Look Forward To

The calendar on your fridge door probably looks a lot emptier that you’re used to, no hockey practice, swimming lessons, or birthday parties. But a Dance Competition – virtual or in-person – will provide excitement during these times where every week feels the same & give the dancers the opportunity to perform & share all of their hard work this season which they so deserve!!

5) Opportunity to Support Local

Although a virtual or cohort-only Competition might feel different than the live performance atmospheres we’re used to, you can still use this opportunity to create some celebration and fun for you dancer, while supporting local businesses too! Stock up on tights, hair pins, and performance essentials at a local dancewear store; grab a “Congratulations” bouquet of flowers from a florist in your neighbourhood; and stop for a treat at an ice cream shop or bakery on the way home!

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