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Examination opportunities offered at Mahogany Dance Arts

Why examinations are an important part of Dance:

Dancers who participate in exams are learning important life skills such as goal setting, goal achievement, self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. In addition, your child will benefit from increased knowledge and skill level.  

Exams will provide students & parents with:

  • Reassurance that their children are receiving good training from a teacher who has been educated by one of the world’s most prestigious ballet organizations.
  • Confidence that their children are given opportunities to show their progress and be assessed by professionals.
  • Pride in their children participating in an internationally recognized activity.
  • Feedback on their child’s performance from a professional eye who is external to their regular teacher.

Dance Examinations by Discipline

Royal Academy of Dance

RAD, ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE is one of the most influential dance educations and examining organizations in the world.

RAD was established in 1920 to improve and practice the knowledge of Classical Ballet. The Academy’s patron is HM Queen Elizabeth.

Royal Academy of Dance logo

Mahogany Dance Arts is pleased to host not only one, but two, fully certified RAD teachers on staff, guaranteeing the highest possible standard of dance education.As a studio owner, having a RAD presence at your school means:

  • You are providing training through trusted proven syllabi
  • Your school benefits from access to the world-renowned exam system, with a distinguished panel of examiners
  • Your school will have an internationally recognized track record of measurable outcomes
  • Your faculty will be trained and licensed to the highest standards
  • Your RAD status will instill confidence in parents, knowing your programs deliver results with their children
  • Your school will benefit from continuity with returning students through the examination process
  • Your studio is providing relevant programs that work; a high number of world-renowned dancers, choreographers, and company directors are RAD-trained!
  • Your studio will be part of the growing global family, connected to a world-leading brand

Students may be eligible to take an exam if they attend Ballet twice to three times a week (depending on grade level) and when the teacher feels they are ready. Typically, a 1.5-year study of grade level is expected in order to be considered. The cost of exams, extra classes, and mock exams are in addition to your monthly fees.

Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers

ADAPT, ASSOCIATED DANCE ARTS FOR PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS is a certified “dance syllabus” offering yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Jazz & Tap.

ADAPT dance teachers are leaders in quality dance training. They teach the love of dance and movement to all students.

Adapt Syllabus logo

This elite group of dance teachers who follow the ADAPT Syllabus ensures your child is learning age-appropriate skills for a healthy body & mind as well as the correct technique to execute the skills to the highest standard in dance training.

Mahogany Dance Arts instructors are certified through this association and able to offer all of these benefits to your dancer:

  • the examination process encourages each and every student to work harder so they may achieve their best personal potential and through ADAPT training help them to maintain that potential throughout their dance training years.
  • examinations allow students to enjoy quality technical training, supporting good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.
  • examinations are a “goal” setter.  They are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance master examiners on a yearly basis.
  • examinations offer certification and successful candidates receive graded certificates.  High achievers also receive a special “Medal Of Merit Award”.

Students may be eligible to take an exam if they attend the desired discipline once per week and when the teacher feels they are ready. Typically, children are able to progress through one level per dance season with continued dedication to their classes & training. The cost of exams, extra classes, and mock exams are in addition to your monthly fees.

Acrobatic Arts

ACROBATIC ARTS offers examinations in the discipline of Acro. This program is only offered in conjunction with a full-time Competitive training program to ensure dancers have the skills & techniques to safely learn the required syllabus.

Acro, similar to Ballet, permeates throughout all disciplines of dance and is beneficial in many ways, not just for the big tricks.

Acrobatic Arts logo

When done right, dancers who add carefully developed acrobatic classes to their training will become stronger, more balanced, and more flexible. These attributes are important foundational elements for all aspects of dance. Solid Acro technique is easily recognizable in a dancer. How is Acro different from gymnastics?? Training and alignment required for a gymnast to tumble on a sprung floor are not the same as what is needed for a dancer to execute tricks on a hard stage.   Acro skills for dancers should be taught in an AcroDance class according to an accredited Acro syllabus.

With the ever-evolving standards for dance, incorporating Acro into dance education has become a necessity.  Here are the top three reasons why teaching a syllabus that features examinations at every level can promote success.  

  • Independent Results – Examiners will analyze students according to a set global standard.  The dance instructor can be confident that the independent results a dancer receives are measured against a transparent set of expectations.  They can then determine if that dancer is ready to safely move up to the next level, allowing for objective development of Acro progressions.
  • Constructive Correction – An Acro dance examiner brings a fresh set of eyes to critique the dancer.  This expert assessment, within a structured environment of mutual respect, will bring to light the dancer’s strengths and where challenges lie.  Constructive correction brings a wealth of important lessons including the ability to handle criticism, manage pressure, and how to turn correction into accomplishment.
  • Goal Setting – A clearly defined set of Acro skills for a dancer to accomplish is where exams make sense to the student.  Goal setting happens when the dancer is placed at an appropriate level with room and encouragement to advance. They are provided with expectations that are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound. These are the key ingredients to goal attainment and enable the dancer to push their Acro skills to the next level.

Effective Acro dance instructors rely on standardized testing to ensure their students have mastered one level before they progress to the next one. Typically, students within the same class will be working on different levels of Acro dance based on their ability & will progress at a different pace. The cost of exams, extra classes, and mock exams are in addition to your monthly fees.

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