Year- End Showcase Information

Stage Rehearsal 2023

All dancers will have the opportunity for a practice run on-stage prior to the big day!

Dates: April 20, 22, & 23- your child will only be required to attend one day/time & this will be emailed to you directly
Location: YMCA in Seton
*please note the different locations for the stage rehearsal & showcase
Time: this will be emailed to you directly

Year-End SHOWCASE 2023

Showcase DAY Details

Saturday, May 27, 2023

RockPointe Theatre, Bearspaw
255024 Lochend Rd
Calgary, AB T3L 2R2
*please note the different locations for the stage rehearsal & showcase

Time: TBA *please put the entire day aside

*We suggest that you plan well in advance so that you arrive in plenty of time, taking traffic
and parking into account.

Tickets & Fees

On Sale:
The Year-End Showcase is a celebration of the dancer’s hard work, progress and enjoyment of dance 💖

Cost: $25.00 each, plus service fees

Ticket purchasing will be shared closer to the time so please stay tuned!

*Dancers are charged a $45.00 participation fee to participate in the Year-end Showcase. This fee is per child
and will be charged on April 15th. This fee is non-refundable.

Seating Seating Seating

Seating is on a first-come basis, and fire regulations dictate that children two years of age and older require
their own seat and may not sit on a parent’s lap.

Important F.A.Q.s for you

How Many Shows are there on May 27, & in which one(s) will my child participate?:

  • MDA will host more than one show in an effort to keep them at a family-friendly length! 
  • Your child will participate one of the shows if he/she is in two or fewer classes.
  • If your child is in three or more classes, they will participate in two or more shows.

If you have siblings at MDA they may participate in different shows from one another, we do try our best to accommodate this, but it is just simply not always possible.

ALL Competition team dancers will perform in both shows.

Tickets are required for each show you attend.

We will share which show(s) your child is in when we release the running order. This will be well in advance of the showcase and ticket purchasing so you can plan your day.

Please do not request your child performs at a particular show time, as there are too many factors that go into
creating the showcase schedule to accommodate individual requests.

All About Costumes

An important element in our Year-End Showcase is the costumes that add color, vibrancy, and beauty to the stage.

We ask if minor costume alterations need to be made that perhaps a parent, neighbor or friend can make these alterations for you as there has been no added charge with which to cover the cost of a seamstress.

Costumes will be given out in class in April/May. A costume Dress Requirement sheet with information regarding costume, hair, make-up, shoes, etc. will be posted well in advance so you can purchase the required items.

Digital Photos Videos Photos & Videos

MDA is using the services of both a professional video company as well as a professional photographer to capture
each dance performed at the theater on May 27th!

You will receive an online link to both photo’s and video which you can share with family! It makes a great
keepsake! All dancers share equally in the cost.

*note: we will aim to capture each child individually while they perform on stage, however we can’t guarantee this.
We can however promise to capture your child’s group performance.

If in addition to the above photo services you would like a solo photo of your child as another wonderful
keepsake, then please put Saturday June 17th aside. Signup details will be shared in the coming months in case
this may be of interest to you.

Our Commitment to You Your Dancer

We are committed to making your child’s experience the best it possibly can be!

  1. You can order a beautifully wrapped rose to gift to your child following his / her performance.
  2. Help us to say a big thank you to our amazing teachers! Teacher appreciation donation option will be made available to you.
  3. Please volunteer to help make the show the best it can be. We rely on parent participation and help in order to run the show and the practice rehearsal run smoothly.

The Year-End Showcase is a celebration of the dancers’ hard work, progress and enjoyment of dance and
we look forward to seeing our dancers shine on the stage

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