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Registration Term, Fees & Withdrawal

Term: Each class receives a minimum of 31 classes per year taking into account holidays and studio closures. The fee for these 31 lessons has been split into 10 monthly payments, so whether a month has 2 classes or 5 you still pay the same amount per month.

Classes times are subject to change. Please note we are doing our very best to plan for the season ahead but schedule times may need to be adjusted closer to the start of the season when all classes are confirmed. We will give you as much advanced notice as possible if/when a class time may change.


For full-term classes, your first and last month fees (September and June) will be charged at the time of registration, and fees will be pro-rated if joining a class mid-month along with a yearly registration fee. You will then be charged on the first of each month thereafter using the method of payment you entered into your online account. You may log in to your account and change this method of payment at any time. Direct Debit or Credit Card are accepted.

For Sessional classes, your full-session tuition & any required purchases, such as prop kits, will be charged at the time of registration.

Full-term class & Sessional fees for the new season will be charged at the time of registration & then will be processed on the 1st or 15th day of each month through the remainder of the Dance Term.

Showcase Participation & Fee: All dancers registered in our full-term programs agree to participate in our Year-End Showcase. The choreography of these routines will begin in mid-February. Sessional class dancers will not participate in the Year-End Showcase. Dancers are charged a participation fee to participate in the Year-end Showcase. This fee is per child, will be charged in early Spring, and is non-refundable. Specifics will be included on your Year-end Showcase newsletter.

Showcase Costume Fee: A Showcase costume fee of $105 per participating class will be charged to your online account. We split this fee into 2 payments: $52.50 processed on October 15th, and the remaining $52.50 processed on February 15th. Showcase costume fees are non-refundable, with no exceptions. *Combo classes require only one costume, and dancers who participate in Ballet twice a week only require one Ballet costume.

Registration and Withdrawal Policy:

Full-term classes: Your registration fee and first/last month payments for full-term classes are non-refundable under any circumstances as these fees hold a spot for your child in our classes. Additionally all withdrawal notices must be submitted prior to the 25th of the month in order for fees not to be processed. Notice after the 25th of the month will result in the next months fees being processed and they are non refundable. Exception: when the studio is closed for regular breaks (Christmas, spring break etc.) then withdrawal written submission must be received by the studio a minimum of 2 days prior to the start of the studio closure/break.  MDA’s calendar of events can be found here. If written notice is not received by the studio two days prior, the next month’s fees will be processed, and they are non-refundable. Class fees are non-transferable.

Our registration deadline for the current dance year is February 1st. No new registrations will be accepted after this date. Our withdrawal deadline for the current dance year is February 15th, and no refunds will be granted after this date for our full-term classes. All remaining monthly fees will still be processed through the month of May.

Sessional classes: Refunds for Sessional classes will be extended if written notice is provided to us a minimum of 14 days prior to the start date of the class. 

Notification received less than 14 days prior to the first class will receive a full credit to your account to use in the future. There are NO exceptions.

If for any reason a child is not ready to attend class on their own after 2 weeks, we will offer a studio credit (minus an admin fee and the cost of the 2 classes attended) to be used at another time.

Class fees are non-transferable.

No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee on New Enrollments:
At Mahogany Dance Arts we want to ensure your dancer finds the right class to ignite their LOVE of dance. Instead of offering trial classes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on ALL of our classes. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just let us know via email within 48 hours of the first class, and any paid fees will be refunded except for the prorated cost of the one attended class and the registration fee.
Mahogany Dance Arts reserves the right to remove any child from a class that is not ready or able to engage/participate in the content of the class begin offered. They may suggest other classes options that would be a better fit or to wait until your child is ready for the most positive in studio experience. 

Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver

Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Illness and the Like:

If your child has cold like symptoms they may attend classes however if your child has a cough at any time within the season, they are not permitted to attend classes. 
I understand and have made my child aware that they are to inform a Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd staff member immediately should they develop any cough like symptoms while at the studio. Should this occur I understand I will be notified and that it is my responsibility to ensure my child is picked up immediately.
I have alerted Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd of any and all medical conditions and allergies of my child. These health conditions and symptoms include but are not limited to cough and/or shortness of breath due to asthma or exercise-induced asthma, and/or a sore throat, runny nose and/or nasal congestion due to severe seasonal allergies.

Fees: I understand that if my child(ren) misses 4 or more consecutive weeks of dance due to illness MDA will provide a 50%  credit upon receipt of written notice from a doctor. Classes missed for any duration less than 4 weeks will not be credited.

Ensuring the best possible experience for your dancer:

  • Efficient procedures for drop off/pick up of dancers
  • Using a floor marking system to keep dancers to ensure organization & comfort of all dancer’s within the classroom
  • Time scheduled between classes to minimize front door congestion when dancers are entering & exiting the studio
  • Dancers & parents should wait outside until the teacher arrives to let everyone into the studio
  • The studio lobby is a drop & go space only. This is to ensure the most convenient & comfortable experience for our dancers & families we encourage this process
  • Dancers will bring all personal & necessary items into the classroom with them
  • Each child in our Pre-School classes will have their own props for their class that they are required to bring each week so there is no sharing of supplies
  • Daily deep cleaning and sanitizing of high touch surfaces daily
  • Policy for illness of dancers to ensure a safe space for all

Rates and Receipts

NSF Fees: There will be a service charge of $25 automatically charged to your account for all NSF direct debit & credit card transactions after 7 days of a declined transaction. This timeframe will give you the opportunity to update payment info on file if needed.

Payment Decline: If your credit card or bank account ACH declines 3 or more times in a Dance calendar year, your registration and enrollment will be revoked (each of those 3 times you will incur the $25 NSF fee).  If you wish to reinstate your registration and enrollment you may do so but will incur the $40.00 registration fee again. If your payment then declines again once after having reinstated, your registration and enrollment will be revoked permanently.

Receipts: Tax receipts are available through your Parent Portal, where they can be viewed and printed. Please be sure to keep your username and password handy. You will also receive an email notification when your monthly fees are processed.

Family Rates: For families that have multiple students enrolled at Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd., the following discount for lesson fees will apply:

  • 5% off 2nd Child
  • 10% off 3rd and 4th Child

Discounts will automatically be applied upon registration.

Absences, Cancellations, and Classroom Etiquette

Schedule Subject to Change: Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd. reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or combine classes should registration be insufficient.

Absences: If your child is unable to attend class, a phone call or email is very much appreciated. Consistent attendance is encouraged. Dance training must occur regularly to improve skills. Irregular attendance may affect a child’s ability to advance through our curriculum of increasingly more complex levels of dance. Unfortunately, makeup classes are not offered, and NO refunds will be given for missed classes.

Class Cancellations:

1)If at any time we are required to cancel classes due to bad weather, an email will be sent as soon as possible. We will do our best to run classes, except under exceptionally dangerous driving conditions and/or if it is unsafe for family members to be out. Use your discretion regarding attendance if the driving is difficult in your area. Missed classes due to weather conditions will not be rescheduled.

2) If your child’s instructor is unable to attend due to sever weather warnings during the winter months classes will be cancelled. Our responsibility during these times is to both our faculty and families and we want to keep everyone safe, thanks in advance for your support and understanding. Missed classes due to weather conditions will not be rescheduled.

Teacher Absence and Substitute Teachers: If your child’s instructor is sick or unable to attend class, a knowledgeable and experienced substitute teacher will cover classes. The instructor will leave a lesson plan so that students stay on track with what they are learning and do not fall behind.

Dress Requirements: Proper dress attire is very important for each class. Every dancer is expected to adhere to the appropriate attire set forth for each class. Please review the dress requirements details. These details can be found under the “Dancer Information” tab. Additionally, these details will be sent to you before classes start.

Classroom Etiquette:

  • NO chewing gum, food and or flavored beverages inside the studio. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged. The above items are forbidden in the studios for safety reasons and to protect the dance studio facilities.
  • Jewelry is also asked to be removed, except for small stud earrings.
  • Appropriate class dress requirements are required. We believe in a “dress code” for each class as it puts students in the right frame of mind to start learning and instills the discipline of dance.
  • Respect for teachers, parents, and peers will be expected within the classroom/studio is mandatory.
  • No disruptive behavior, use of foul language or ridiculing of other students will be tolerated. The classroom is a welcoming, warm and encouraging space for the dancers.
  • No use of cell phones is allowed in the classroom.
  • To teach and correct dance movement and technique, physical contact between the student and teacher is necessary. Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd. ensures that such contact is applied professionally and is required for dance instruction. This contact, as deemed necessary by the teacher, is consented to by the student and/or parent/guardian.
  • Dancers who attend our non-parented classes must be potty trained.

Lobby Etiquette and Parental Viewing

Lobby Etiquette: Mahogany Dance Arts lobby is a drop & go space only: Drop & Go Procedure Video. The lobby area is meant as a transitional space to move the dancers safely in & out of the studio as well as from studio to studio. To ensure the most convenient & comfortable experience for our dancers & families we encourage this process. A studio staff member will greet your child at the door each day & ensure they are fully prepared for class. They will also have your child prepared & ready to leave the studio when classes are done. We encourage you to go grab a coffee, do some groceries & support the other wonderful local Mahogany business during your child’s class time knowing your child is safe in our hands!

If you notice your child is hesitant or becomes upset please take as much time as you need to console and cuddle. There is an area in which you can have the time and space you need together, and then once ready please send your child into the studio on their own.

For our full-term students we will offer a viewing opportunity throughout the year where you can view your child’s progress as well as a Year-End Performance Showcase that demonstrates everything your children have learned.
For dancers enrolled in our un-parented Sessional classes we invite parents to join us on the last day of the Session. Please note ONE parent per child is welcome to sit right inside your child’s last dance class to observe their progress. This is very IMPORTANT due to space restrictions, the comfort of the dancers, & for the enjoyment of all dancers & parents that ONLY ONE parent attends for each child. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support with this.

Year-End Showcase Participation: All dancers registered in our full-term programs agree to participate in our Year-End Showcase. The choreography of these routines will begin in mid-February. Sessional class dancers will not participate in the Year-End Showcase.

Photo/Image Release

Photo/Images & Promotional Material Release: For purposes such as education and promotion of Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd. and its programs, photographs and video may be taken of students and used on our website, on Facebook/Instagram and in other promotional mediums. Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd., as applicable, is not required to notify students or their parents/guardians, solicit their approval, or compensate them in any way before using such photographs or videos. If you DO NOT wish to have your child appear in our promotional marketing materials or advertisements please let us know promptly.

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy: 

  • Dancers should never reveal their location publicly while at MDA
  • Do not post the last name of your dancer / yourself or anyone
  • Please do not post any information that compromises MDA Inc. Personal information about directors, faculty, other students/families, along with any other information that be confidential in nature
  • We all have our own voice, so please do not claim or imply you’re speaking on behalf of MDA on your social media platforms
  • Our community lifts one another up. Posting anything that could compromise the self-esteem of our dance family (the students at MDA) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated
  • If you wish to post videos of class content or rehearsals (to be done only with teacher’s permission), you may not post any choreography in its entirety. MDA and / or contracted teachers own the copyright to all choreography and work taught at the studio
  • Positivity Please! We encourage you to use your social media platforms for positivity and refrain from posting negative comments about other studios, conventions, competitions, etc. Respect is critical!
  • We reserve the right to suspend a dancers enrolment in any of our classes/programs should they engage in inappropriate online behaviour that is not in alignment with our policy

Additional Policies

Assignment of Class Levels, Exams, Pointe Work: The Directors, in collaboration with teachers, make all decisions regarding the assignment of class levels, participation in exams, and the appropriate time to begin pointe work. Occasionally, a student may be moved to a different class when the student’s training would be improved by that change. Regular attendance, concentration, ability to assimilate instruction, and level of interest all contribute to steady growth.

Outside Training: Please note that we do not accept:

  1. Dancers of families with students taking lessons at another dance studio. This is due to divided loyalties, schedule conflicts, differing teaching philosophies, and dance studio business practices. By completing the registration process you confirm that your child and their siblings are only training for dance at MDA.
  2. Our own MDA dancers participating at other studio’s or company’s workshops, conventions, Competitions, Summer Dance programs, or any other such like events without prior written agreement from the studio directors.

Use of MDA Choreography/Routines: Dancers are not permitted to use MDA choreographers routines & music for other performance opportunities such as school talent shows. Choreography is set for a group of dancers not individuals in which a large part of the work is based on spacing, formations, pattern changes, partner work, etc., & does not show itself in it entirety when performed individually. We encourage MDA dancers when wanting to perform in such events to create their own choreography & routines. 

Lost and Found: We recommend that all valuables be left at home as the studio cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal effects. We ask that parents check their child’s belongings before leaving each class and encourage you to mark all clothing and shoes with the students’ names. Our lost and found box is located in the dancers’ change room.

Communications: Email notifications will be sent regarding all studio events and information you need to know. Please check your emails regularly to ensure you don’t miss any of this important information. Our website will also be updated regularly so that everyone can have easy access to the information needed.

I opt in to receive SMS, MMS, text, and email communication from Mahogany Dance Arts. I understand I can opt out at any time in the parent portal, using the portal link on the Mahogany Dance Arts website, or by emailing my opt-out request to contact@mahoganydancearts.

Questions and Concerns: All questions can be directed to or our admin staff, Glenda @

Discussions between instructors, parents, and students can be arranged by appointment only, not during or between classes. Please do not hesitate to contact the office to schedule an appointment at your convenience. We want to establish an Open-Door Policy by appointment so that students, instructors, and parents feel welcome to discuss any questions or concerns but ensure our teachers can fully focus on instruction and provide uninterrupted lessons to our students.

We will aim to reply to all email questions as promptly as possible weekdays between 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. & Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. All emails received outside of these windows will be replied to the next business day

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