Your Child’s First Dance Class – What to Expect

A child’s first dance class is a BIG deal! For some students it may the first time they have taken a class
independently from their parents. Students may feel both excited and a little nervous all at the same time. This is perfectly normal!

Parents, students, and teachers all have expectations about how that first class should go. At Dance Arts, we want to ensure that your child’s first dance experience is positive and exceeds your expectations! We realize what a special milestone a child’s first dance class is.

We’ve put together some suggestions on how to prepare for your child’s first class and what to expect. We hope these suggestions will help both you and your dancer to feel confident on their first day! We want to help all of our dance families to be successful.

How to Prepare

Read through the Dress Attire information, which can be accessed through the link, found in your Welcome email (or under the Dancer Information tab on our website) and purchase the required items well in advance. Dancers that have the correct clothing and shoes from day one will feel more comfortable in the setting with the other alike dancers.

Talk about what is going to happen. Pump your dancer up! Talk about what they will wear. Let them know they will be taking a dance class where they are going to learn and have fun. Remind them of how important it is that they are a good listener. Talk about how proud you will be of them when they are done!

Bring a fed, happy, and rested child to class. No one is at their best when they are hungry or tired! Adults included. Try not to push their limits close to class time. Provide a snack before class. Make sure to consider nap times and bedtimes when choosing a class.

Bring them to dance with their leotard and tights already on. Trust us! Struggling getting tights on a young child is a task best completed at home.

Arrive a few minutes early, but not too early! We recommend 10 minutes early at most, somewhere between 5 – 10 minutes early is ideal! Rushing is the last thing you want to do! Give your child enough time to get their shoes changed, use the restroom if needed, and get excited for class!

We will help your child to get ready for class by assisting with shoes and outdoor coats ect. and getting them settled in the class/studio…let the magic begin!! 

If your little one is a bit hesitant to leave you don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal and we are well educated and equipped to help along the way!  If you notice your child is hesitant or becomes upset please take as much time as you need to console and cuddle. There is an area in which you can have the time and space you need together, and then once ready please send your child into the studio on their own. 

Dance Arts is a “Drop and Go” studio. Please read further on why & how this benefits your child.

One of the most important skills a child can learn from an early age is independence & confidence. Both things we value highly at Dance Arts & which supports our ‘Drop & Go’ system. With this in place the children get the most out of their experience with us. When dancers are dropped off at the main entrance with their teacher they learn the skills of navigating a new environment on their own, the routine of where do I put my shoes, how do I enter the classroom, preparing for class, putting their shoes on all on their own & then also the excitement of getting ready to go home & see mom/dad again. The child’s development in these areas progresses much quicker with this system. We have welcoming staff members to assist and support even our youngest with the process.

Additionally, another bonus is that the dancers bond and connect more quickly with their dance instructor & other classmates through this process. Some of our favourite moments in the studio are of the children telling us something special about their day as they are getting their shoes on! There are often a few minutes prior to class commencing that the children have with their classmates to share a story about their day before learning and dancing together! This all builds lasting and strong friendships!

If you are at all apprehensive, be sure to bring your child in for a tour and we will do everything we can to ensure you leave feeling confident and happy with the process.

Why can’t I watch my child’s dance class?

The truth is, our students focus best on learning when it’s just them and a teacher in the room. A teacher in a class with no parent observers gets more done, receives better responses from the kids and builds trust and rapport faster than a class with parents watching. Our dance classes are a super safe and super fun! At only 40 -45 minutes they’re short, sweet and the kids are engaged at every moment. Your child builds confidence and self-esteem and apart from dancing, they also learn about lining up, taking turns, listening to the teacher, following instructions. All valuable skills! We encourage your little one to be cooperative and sociable in a nurturing environment.

For your children, their parent is their shining light, their focus point. For them to concentrate on learning steps, or following a leader or moving to the music, they need to focus. If you’re just across the room they can’t separate and neither can they learn. They’ll watch you, your reactions, your expressions. Some kids are more emotional when their parents are watching, which can be tough on everyone. Don’t forget the other kids in the class either. Some might be uncomfortable with strange parents watching and not get the most out of their lesson. Relax and leave your dancer to have fun and learn with us knowing that we are totally dedicated to the safety of our students and a quality dance experience!

At the end of class, students will be dismissed back to their parents. Teachers will often give dancers a sticker to reward them for their efforts & fantastic work. If you do not want your dancer receiving candy or if they have any allergies please be sure to let us know so we can advise the teachers. Please be sure to encourage your dancer to practice and share what they learned in class. Let them know how proud of them you are! They did it!

We love sharing dance with the families at Dance Arts and welcome you into our dance family.

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