5 Reasons Why Dancers Should Continue Training Throughout Summer

Summer break is just around the corner, but, that doesn’t mean your little ones should stop dancing.

In fact, we encourage twirling, whirling, swaying and spinning all summer long!

The holidays are an ideal time to make friends, boost confidence, focus on flexibility, and have FUN. Check out our five favourite reasons why dancers should continue training all summer long.

1 ) Life-long friends

Many dancers can remember giggling with friends backstage before their first big performance, they remember their first duet partner, the friend they carpooled to dance with, and the friend who always carried extra bobby pins.

Dance studios have a magical way of bringing children together and the friendships formed at dance are usually forever.

Although living-room dance parties and virtual dance classes are a great backup plan, children are missing out on the social interaction of being in the studio. The safe environment created by our teachers is ideal for improving interpersonal skills and social connections, especially after being cooped up due to COVID.

Early on, dancers learn the importance of teamwork, honesty, respect, and dedication which makes them fantastic friends.

2) Mind body connection

How many times have your little dancers chatted all the way home after you picked them up from dance?

It’s no secret that dance is healthy for the heart, in more ways than one.

Dance brings a smile to the face and a twinkle to the eye and allows children to physically express their emotions. In addition to being an emotional outlet, dance is a beautiful display of creativity and ignites a sense of imagination amongst kids of all ages.

Kinesthetic learning and physical fitness help keep the heart rate up. The endorphins released from dance create a clear head and a happy heart.

3) Boosts confidence

Pulling out a favourite leotard and packing a dance bag is one of the most exciting things about dance.

With childrens’ bodies constantly growing and changing, they move a little differently and feel a little funny after a summer of growth spurts.

Incorporate training into your little one’s summer schedule so that they won’t notice a major difference. Training throughout summer will keep your little dancer confident and coordinated.

4) Builds strength and flexibility

Summer is a great time to be a dancer as children are out of school and have free time to focus on training and technique.

Flexibility and endurance are key components to making a well-rounded dancer. Most dancers know the importance of stretching before and after classes but stretching throughout the summer is equally as important.

Layer on cardio to help build stamina, stability, and control. Swimming and bike riding are other great ways to spend time with your children while helping them condition for upcoming classes.

These activities allow dancers to build their muscles so they kick higher, turn faster, and leap further.

5) Fun!

What could be more fun than dancing like a Disney Princess? Combine that with a camp-themed craft, an engaging activity, and a healthy snack and you’re good to go.

Mahogany Dance Arts offers a variety of options to keep your little dancer movin’ and groovin’ all summer long.

  • Encourage your dancer to discover a new style of dance with one of our six-week Summer Sessional classes.
  • Join us for a week of exploring dance & the creative arts at one of our dance camps.
  • Our summer programs are a sure way to get your child active, engaged & having FUN!

This summer we encourage you to make friends and get moving! Continue training for a happy heart, a healthy body and most importantly, just for FUN! Whether it is at home, or with us, keep calm and dance on!

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