Team work makes the dream work: Introducing our MDA teachers

At Mahogany Dance Arts, we select the best of the best teachers to help us elevate and inspire our students. All of our dance educators are highly qualified and certified. They have trained with the best teachers and choreographers and are continually improving their skills at workshops, residencies, teacher training programs, competitions and conventions. At the studio, teachers lead by example and focus on creating a friendly and inclusive environment. Each teacher brings their unique style and personality to class; we look forward to helping them share their love of dance with your child!

Keep reading to learn more about our MDA Dream Team.

Mahogany Dance Arts was developed in 2017 with one exclusive purpose “to share our love of dance with children of all ages and abilities.” Simply because, dance is our passion.

Founded by Gillian Howatt and Diana Radcliffe, the directors wanted to share their appreciation for the arts through dance and mold their students into passionate and confident dancers.

Mahogany Dance Arts is a crew of directors, teachers, assistants and support staff who all have one thing in common, a desire to inspire the next generation of dancers. With many of the teachers growing up and learning straight from the studio directors, the studio has an intimate family feeling & vibe. All of the teachers are specially trained to focus on teaching the whole student; providing them with skills to excel personally and professionally.

There is a reason our dancers love our teachers. Employing the best of the best teachers, with professional qualifications and who also love dance, creates a beautiful learning environment. As a result of structure, consistency and encouragement, students can focus on what matters most, learning. They also adapt the skills to step forward, in all aspects of their life.

What we love most about our team are the unique backgrounds, training and personalities that accompany each individual. Each teacher is professionally certified and highly qualified. As a result, every educator has a unique way of creating a friendly and inclusive environment. Through competitions, conventions, residencies and professional opportunities, they demonstrate the value of life-long learning. Our teachers proudly take on the role of mentors and bestow kind, professional and positive personality traits. And, as expected, they all love children.

This year we have put a lot of work towards securing the best of the best teachers. We have an all-star line-up, including some fresh new energy. Watch the videos below or click here for an inside look at our MDA teachers. Without further adieu, let us proudly introduce our dream team!

As our teachers all have unique strengths, we have created a beautifully connected team that all share a love for dance. As a group we all value courage, kindness, community, dedication and teamwork.

Stop by the studio to meet the team and experience the Mahogany Dance Art Difference. We can’t wait to meet you!


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