New Year, New Goals – Dancing into 2024

It’s January, which means it’s time to ditch the typical “New Year, New You”  resolutions that leave you feeling low and let down. Instead, start 2024 off on the right  foot and introduce goal setting and growth that will leave you feeling empowered,  healthy and ultimately, way more happy. 

This year we created a “New Year Starter Pack” that includes 5 game-changing habits  you and your dancer can introduce to help create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Keep  reading to learn how to make this year the best dance year yet.  

Implement a weekly routine (we suggest dance) 

Weekly routines are vital for young dancers’ growth and development. Children feel more  control over their environment when their weekly activities are predictable and familiar.  We suggest registering for a weekly dance class. From Full Year Classes and Sessional  Dance Classes to Spring and Summer Dance Camps, we have options for your dancer  to get excited about all year long. Dance not only conditions the body and refines gross  motor skills, but it also helps develop cognitive function, confidence and social  versatility. Plus, it is an hour of uninterrupted time for you, Dance Parents, to work on  the resolutions you set out to start this year 😉  

Journal every night

For our younger dancers, we implemented a Pre-School Passport Program. These  Passports were wildly successful as they discussed what was learned in class,  achievements, progress and, of course, dance. Quite simply, they were an interactive  and positive way to spend quality time together.  

As children get older, expressing their feelings can help them regulate their emotions,  work through conflict and develop gratitude. One of the easiest ways to learn about  what’s going on with your dancer is to journal together. Every night before bed take 5  minutes to check in, and really check in.  

A simple way to get started is by jotting down 3 things you both are grateful for. Or,  answer any of the dance-related journal prompts below.  

  • What went well in dance class this week?  
  • Who was your partner in practice this week?  
  • Were you kind to someone at the studio? Was someone kind to you?
  • Did you learn a new step or routine in class? Was it easy, medium or difficult to  pick up?  
  • What song brought you happiness in dance?  
  • What could have made dance better?  

Plan Ahead  

Embrace the New Year with productivity and plan ahead. Take out the fresh new  calendar you bought at HomeSense and scribble down important dates and dance related deadlines. We have a full Year at a Glance printable PDF to help keep you  organized. Some of the events we have to look forward to are our Winter Sessionals,  Spring Dance Camps, the End of Year Showcase and our infamous Summer Dance  Camps.  

Stay in touch with those who matter most  

At Mahogany Dance Arts, our favorite ways to keep in touch with our dancers and  dance families is through our monthly newsletters, through our social media channels and in person at our Observation Week and End of Year Showcase.  

Last June we received a Google Review from two Grandparents which really touched  our hearts. 

“Dear Mahogany Dance Arts,  

A big thank-you from two grandparents, who traveled from Ottawa ,Ontario to see their grand daughter’s dance recital on May 27th.To say we were impressed is an understatement. We  expected to be “wowed” by our grand-daughter’s recital piece(Thank-you for You) but the show  was so much more. We loved every recital piece. The organization was superb. The children  delightful. A huge pat on the back to all teaching staff and 5 stars to Mahogany Dance Arts.  You gave Abby’s grandparents wonderful memories.  

Anne and Bob”  

How do you keep in touch with your loved ones? Some simple suggestions are sending  a dance selfie to your “Fun Aunty” or having relatives discuss the “Let’s Chat” cheat  sheet with your dancer. As per the review above, Grandparents love attending our  annual Year End Showcase, so pass on the info. A quick text, e-mail or invite can make  a world of difference.  

Inspire Kindness  

It’s important to us to teach dancers key values such as respect, kindness,  determination and teamwork. To continue growing a community of kind and positive  students, we encourage teachers, parents and dancers to lead by example and build  each other up. 

Why not start at the studio? Be the individual who makes others feel included. We love  seeing parents cheer, encourage, endorse and compliment other dancers.  

Or, cheer for our small business. We appreciate when you recommend our studio to  your friends and family. Positive word of mouth and Five Star Google Reviews help  build trust and credibility. We also love seeing your support on social media; find us on  Facebook, follow us on Instagram and then comment, like, share and save!  

And most importantly, be kind, not only to others, but to yourself.  

For the next 6 months do these healthy and attainable habits and you will be an  unrecognizable dancer by the Year-end Showcase. Reminder: this is the beginning of  anything you want so, go dance after your dreams.  

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Everyone at Mahogany  Dance Arts looks forward to an exciting season ahead. We appreciate the opportunity to  share our love of dance with your dancer; it’s the greatest resolution of all. 

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