Ten Ways to Support Your Studio

Mahogany Dance Arts is more than just a dance studio, it’s a family. It’s a community of like-minded individuals fostering a positive and educational learning environment for children. Teachers lead by example and focus on creating a caring, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Connecting with our dancers and their families is one of our pillars for success and helps foster a close-knit community.

Here are 10 ways to support Mahogany Dance Arts and help build bonds that set us apart from other studios.

1. Be open to meeting new people

Dance promotes a positive, happy, and healthy lifestyle and one of the keys to happiness is connection. If you see someone new at the studio please welcome them into our family. A simple “hello” in the hallway can make a world of difference for a new dancer. Let’s fist-pump first-timers, smile at strangers, answer questions, give directions and be more social around the studio.

2. Write a 5 Star Google Review

There are many ways to advocate for our studio and we count on you for credibility. A positive Google Review can infinitely increase brand perception. In fact, many people trust a customer review as much as they trust recommendations from friends. Here’s how:

  1. Follow this link: https://g.page/mahoganydancearts?share
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Leave us a love note

We also appreciate Facebook reviews- they are a cost-free and simple solution to spread a smile.

3. Contribute what you can

With COVID forcing us to take a step back, we have the unique opportunity to create a bigger, better and brighter community. The heart of our community is our families and the unique skill sets they all bestow. We want to work with people who are smarter, more efficient, incredibly experienced and committed to improving our dance community. If you would like to get involved, we would love the extra support and the extra smiles. Let us know your strengths. Volunteer at our year-end showcase, contribute to our blog, sew costumes, share your ideas, set up a pop-up shop or bring in coffee for the crew. No contribution is too small.

4. Respect Starts Here

At Mahogany Dance we aim to teach dancers key values such as respect, kindness, determination, community and teamwork. To continue growing a community of kind and positive students, we encourage teachers, parents and students to build each other up. This starts in the classroom and extends to competitions and conventions. We want to see high-fives in the hallways, words of encouragement, cheering from the sidelines, celebrating small wins and expressing appreciation.

5. Support us on Social Media

Find us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and then comment, like, share and save! We post upcoming events, open house dates, blog articles and some pretty cute snaps of our students. Plus, we love seeing what you are up to outside the studio. If you have a fun photo of your little dancer movin’ and groovin’ tag us. And if you don’t, tag a friend in our posts!



6. Make Memories: Hang-out with your Dance Friends

Dance is all about balance. Friendships developed outside of the studio are just as important as the technical training taught by our teachers. Together we achieve more. The more connected a team is off stage, the more chemistry and unity they have on stage. Plan a dance theme movie night, register for one of our Birthday Party Packages, practice in the park or create a carpool. Dancers make fantastic friends.

7. Tell your friends

What do you love most about our studio? Is it the positive learning environment? The multiple class times? Or is it the professional dance experience & skills taught to your dancer? Whatever it is, shout it out and tell your friends. We appreciate all of the support from our students who referred their friends to our family. Positive word of mouth goes such a ong way & is so appreciated. We want to keep this up!

8. Keep Things Clean

A clean space contributes to a clear mind. We take pride in maintaining a clean and safe space for our students. As always, your children’s physical and mental health is the top priority at our studio. We have deep-cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place, staff & teacher health assessments and additional time scheduled between classes. We ask you to limit personal belongings and only bring what is necessary in one single dance bag. Please leave outdoor shoes on the shoe rack, utilize the hand sanitizing stations and check the lost and found regularly.

9. Be a Star Student

Dance etiquette is conducive to a positive dance environment. Whenever possible, arrive early to class. Adhere to the dress code, meaning proper hair, shoes and attire. Try your best, be open to making mistakes as this is how we learn, stay focused and have fun.

10. Provide value-added feedback

When you purchase from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. In our case, our happy dance consists of pirouettes and pique turns! The special relationships we have with our students are invaluable and we love seeing the same students return year after year. If there is anything we can improve on, we want to be the first to know. We encourage an open-door policy by appointment so that students, instructors, and parents feel welcome to discuss any questions or concerns without any interruptions. We are also happy to help via phone or email. All questions can be directed to contact@mahoganydancearts.com or to our admin staff, Glenda, at glendamdaoffice@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting our studio, especially through this uncertain and unprecedented time. Your ongoing support helped us keep our doors open and we are deeply grateful.

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