The Gift of Dance

At Mahogany Dance Arts we always look forward to the excitement that accompanies  the holiday season. We love powdery hot chocolate bombs filled with mini  marshmallows, singing to Christmas carols in the car, writing wish lists addressed to  Santa and of course showing our loved ones how much we care.

Gift-giving this year is all about gifts from the heart that matter and that last. If you are  having trouble finding the perfect gift for the little one that has everything (admit it, you  know who they are) or if you want to avoid fighting for parking spaces at the  overcrowded mall, we have a unique idea that won’t break the bank. Let Mahogany  Dance Arts eliminate the stress of the holiday season by giving the gift of dance. Hear us out.

Dance is the perfect gift for the little one who has everything. 

Everyone has at least one person on their list that has a closet full of clothes, the latest  and greatest technology and more toys, books and balls than they know what to do  with. Unlike the Polly-Pocket that gets buried in the bottom of the toy box, dance  classes are an experience that cannot be regifted or replaced. You don’t need to worry  about finding the best brand, the latest trend or choosing the perfect colour. Plus, it can  be given again, year after year. Best of all, one size fits all. Give your little one the gift of  dance, no batteries are required. 

Dance is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Can you imagine being the first person who introduced the little one in your life to the  world of dance? Unwrapping the magical experience of pirouettes and plies is  something that will continue to grow and give back to your little dancer year after year.  At a young age, dancers learn the importance of dedication, discipline, teamwork, and  communication. Achieving success in dance builds self-confidence and self-esteem.  Taking on a new challenge (such as learning a new step) makes kids more courageous  and capable than they ever imagined. Dance helps everyone create healthy habits and  social skills that will last a lifetime. 

PSA: Dancing Releases Endorphins. 

Dance classes have physical health benefits that are important for growth and  development. Dance contributes to strong bones and a healthy body and has even  more benefits for the brain. It reduces stress and cortisol while increasing energy and  releasing all those mood-boosting hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and  endorphins). The combination of music, connection and cardio also helps dancers  express their emotions. So, after the initial excitement of ripping open presents on  Christmas morning, dance will continue to spread a smile and release happy hormones,  week after week.  

Dance can ignite a passion and a purpose. 

Everyone views dance a little differently. Some get lost in the music and use it as an escape. Others enjoy it for the social benefits of meeting new and interesting people.  Many dancers find passion and purpose through dance, especially the teachers at  Mahogany Dance Arts. We asked several teachers around the studio  what the ‘Gift of Dance’ meant to them, and these were their responses: 

Miss Leah  

The ‘Gift of Dance’ to me is being able to experience true emotions. As a student,  it’s the joy of accomplishing a new dance move that I had been working on. As a  professional dancer, it’s learning how to put your true emotions into artistry and  letting who you are dancing with, and the audience share those emotions with  you. As a teacher, it is being able to pass everything I have learned through my  mentors and my own experiences along while seeing the emotions in my  students. When they accomplish the new dance move, when they dive into their 

emotions in their own dances, or those moments where the whole class is just  laughing. The gift of dance is the ability to feel so many emotions and share them  with others.  

Miss Sadie 

To me, the ‘Gift of Dance’ is not just one single thing. Since beginning, at the age  of 2, dance has become an all-consuming art that has positively impacted my life  in many ways, and I have witnessed it change the lives of my peers and  colleagues. Dance is not only a form of entertainment to lose yourself in one  night at the theatre, but also something that becomes the core of who you are! It  is the most unique form of communication that transcends language barriers, it is  a safe haven that you can always return to, it is the community and relationships  built through movement and music. The gift of dance is many things, as it is  unfiltered happiness and peace. The gift of dance has shaped me and made me  who I am today, and I am eternally grateful for it. 

Miss Kaylie 

Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The ‘Gift of  Dance’ is the gift of connection, movement, and joy. Sharing my passion for  dance with the kids each week never fails to put a smile on my face. I love  to see how dance sparks creativity and happiness within each dancer’s  heart. 

Dance lessons are a unique gift and unexpected gift that will last a lifetime. If you would  like to give the ‘Gift of Dance’ contact us at

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