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The dance studio you choose has a direct impact on how your little dancer will advance personally and professionally. Just like a pair of ballet slippers, finding a dance studio isn’t one-size-fits-all. If your child has an interest in dance, you must choose a dance studio whose mission, vision and values align with your short and long-term goals. Teachers, atmosphere, and class sizes all contribute to the quality of dance instruction your child will receive.

Keep reading to ensure you chose the best studio for your child so they can get the most out of their dance experience.

Faculty and Teachers

The first thing to consider when researching a dance studio is the level of dance instructors and directors. Quality dance education comes from passionate and experienced teachers who not only love dance but also love kids. It is important to remember that each student will have a unique learning style and will learn differently and at a different pace. A studio that nurtures communication, active listening and a variety of teaching techniques is best.

Each teacher will have unique strengths, qualifications and backgrounds in dance. Reach out to determine dance-related accomplishments, communication styles, training and any other questions you might have. Teachers should focus on growth and provide a positive yet challenging learning environment.

Atmosphere and Studio Space

Location. Location. Location. Just Kidding. The atmosphere and actual studio space is far more important than available parking and having a coffee shop close by.

A studio’s appearance, including a clean studio and an organized administration team, directly affects mental clarity. A dance studio’s condition and maintenance are also a reflection of the staff’s work ethic, effort and efficiency. Find a studio with warm & welcoming support staff and a kind corporate culture.

Since dance is a physical activity, having a professionally “sprung” dance floor should be part of the equation. A floor that provides extra support helps prevent injuries and helps promote a happy and healthy dancer. Having full-length mirrors, barres and up-to-date studio equipment are all also important.

Classes Offered, Class Size, Competition, & Exam Opportunities

Define your goals and find a studio that seamlessly aligns with them. For example, do you want your child to eat, sleep and breathe dance or do you want classes that complement other extracurricular activities? Studios that are typically able to offer both streams to suit your dancer & families needs are ideal. Whether you choose a recreational or competitive approach to dance, both routes are fantastic.

A studio that has a variety of classes, disciplines and teachers contributes to developing a versatile and well-rounded dancer. To advance as a dancer it is important to have a small student-to-teacher ratio. Focusing on quality rather than quantity ensures each student receives the attention and training they need. One-on-one encouragement presents opportunities to participate, enhances the learning experience and promotes better results.


It’s always good to hear what other parents have to say about the dance studio so ask around. Soliciting feedback is important to gain an insider’s understanding of the studio. Having a favorable online reputation is equally as important. Check out Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and comments on social media.

Have you thought about attending performances and competitions? These events are usually open to the public and affordable. You will get a vibe for how teachers interact with their students, the caliber of dance as well as the culture of the studio.

Why Us?

Mahogany Dance Arts is a dedicated, friendly & professional dance studio located in SW Calgary. At Mahogany Dance Arts, we provide a quality dance education in a fun, positive, and nurturing environment.

What do we mean by “quality”? We deliver safe and age-appropriate programs for your children, small class sizes and technically trained Dance Educators. We ensure that when your children falls in love with DANCE, they have the fundamentals and training to reach for the stars.

To honor our commitment to quality, our facility offers professionally sprung floors, a top-of-the-line sound system and full-length mirrors. Our knowledgeable front desk team works hard to answer questions and our directors bestow an open door policy.

We value courage, kindness, community, dedication and teamwork. Everything, from choosing a dance competition to hiring teachers, is guided by these values.

We share our love of dance with children of all ages, abilities & commitment levels. We also ensure our dance parents are involved every step of the way. Through a combination of monthly newsletters, dance passports, observation weeks and our Year-End Showcase, parents never miss a beat.

For dancers interested in taking their training to the next level, we provide exam opportunities, private lessons and a competition team. Since our passion is dance, we don’t limit ourselves to just one season, we also offer Summer Sessionals and Summer Dance Camps.

Registration is now open for Fall Classes. Check out our website and if you have any questions please feel free to call 403-837-9514 or email  us at!

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