Seven Easy Tips for Showcase Success

Preparing for the big day is exciting but what exactly does it entail? What do you have to pack? And what do you do if your dancer gets a snag in their nylons or (gasp) forgets them all together?

Keep reading, because that’s exactly what we are about to cover!

Seven Easy Tips for Showcase Success

1. Have your dancer attend every rehearsal
Practice makes perfect, #amiright? Whether your dancer is a toddler or a teen, preparing for performance will help set everyone up for success. Dancers should attend class, practice at home and listen to their music as often as they can. Visualization is key. Another important element for a successful production is having dancers practice in a performance setting. We’ve got this covered.

On Friday, May 13th (at 4:30 pm) and Saturday, May 14th (at 12:00 pm) dancers are invited to the Seton YMCA for a Stage Rehearsal. This extra rehearsal helps dancers to space out their routine, practice their stage entrances and exits with the wings, and gain confidence on the big stage before the actual performance day. Hair and costumes are not required.

2. Three ways to stay in touch
Communicate, communicate, communicate. If you follow us on Instagram @MahoganyDanceArts then you’ve probably seen quite a few posts about costumes, venue changes and dates. Not only are we on social media, but we also have monthly newsletters and text updates coming in hot. On top of this, one of the best ways to get the inside scoop is to check your emails regularly as all information & details will be sent right to your inbox. Please be sure you are on your safe sender list! That being said, we want to make sure you are in the right place at the right time. Circle Saturday, May 28th in your calendar with our updated location (The RockPointe Theater in Bearspaw).

3. Get Involved
One of the top things about being a dance parent is being backstage! It is the ultimate way to get involved with the performance and also support your studio. The best part? Your little dancer has the comfort of knowing you are just a couple of steps away. We have tons of positions available! So, if you look good with a microphone or know how to bobby-pin like a boss, we want you on our team. If you would rather be in the audience, we understand. Please send all spouses, siblings, relatives, caregivers, friends and friends of friends our way. We could really use the help and welcome all contributions. 

4. Costume 101
Dance costumes are one of the most magical parts of a live performance and are scheduled to arrive in early May! Dance costumes should be stored in a labeled garment bag to help extend the costume’s longevity and help keep things organized. Dance costumes should be accompanied by the corresponding headpiece and accessories (if applicable); a large, labeled, Zip-Lock bag attached to the hanger is wildly popular. We will also include a cheat sheet so you know exactly which hair, shoes and tights go with each costume. Minimize eating and drinking while in costume. Please follow the cleaning and care instructions and have all alterations and repairs done in advance.

5. How to pack like a pro
When packing for a performance, be proactive and label everything. Yes, everything. This should include all costumes, tights, shoes, snacks, children, iPads and any other items that will be brought to the theater. Zip-Lock freezer bags will be your BFF and help keep things organized. Fill your dance bag with extra tights, bobby pins, elastics, safety pins and “in case of emergency” supplies. Hairspray is a secret weapon for stains and clear nail polish stops snags in dance tights, so pack those too. Dancers must be kept quiet and occupied while waiting for their turn to perform; coloring and homework are great ideas to add to the list. Throw in a healthy (nut-free) snack and a full water bottle and you will be good to go. Most importantly, pack a positive attitude. This is going to be a great day! 

6. Day-of essentials
Pack for your performance the night before, go to sleep early and be well rested for the big day (this means you too, parents). Start your day off with words of encouragement and a healthy breakfast. Have hair done and makeup on before arriving at the theater. Button-up shirts and zip-up hoodies are easy attire to ensure hairstyles stay secure and nothing goes over that perfect ballet bun. Applying stage makeup to kids is no easy task, and waterproof is the way to go. Check expiration dates on makeup and don’t borrow from other dancers- we all know how easy infections spread. After the performance, do something special to celebrate your dancer’s success; roses are a traditional gift that symbolizes audience appreciation.

7. Lights, camera, action
We know you don’t have sufficient space on your iPhone to record the entire Year-end Showcase, plus we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the performance so we hired a professional videographer! Snap a couple of boomerangs backstage and make sure you tag us in your Showcase Selfies but while you are in the theater we encourage you to keep phones off to minimize distractions. We will email you a link that can be shared with friends and family.

Keep in mind this process will become easier year after year. If you found this Blog valuable, hit the share button! If you have any questionsm check out the info below!

We have made it insanely easy to level up and bring your A-game to the Year-end Showcase this year. Click below to use this printable PDF as a shopping guide, a “to do” list or to simply verify that you’ve got everything covered.  

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